Second Day of Scoring in Nashville

Dan Goldwasser Nashville (2009)

After breakfast, we all headed back to Ocean Way Nashville, and had a very successful string session for the “Nimitz” project.  There was even a bit of time left over before the end of the session, so some wild tracks were recorded with string effects. I even got a chance to make a suggestion or two – we’ll see if any of them get used! (They sounded pretty cool though!)

Lunch was southern country food that was catered: beef brisket, salad, mashed potatoes, collard greens, green beans, and a roll.  The brisket was falling apart; it was amazingly good and juicy! Not usually a fan of collard greens, these were quite good.   The afternoon session was with the 24-person choir, which has been going well (so far) but it looks like we’re going to use the extra 4th hour after all.