Centennial Park / Belle Mead

Dan Nashville (2009)

After breakfast, we all packed up and checked out of the hotel. Being Sunday, pretty much everything touristy was closed until the afternoon, so we decided to just drive around a bit. Our first stop was Centennial Park.


The park is the location of the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Celebration, and to commemorate the event, a full-scale replica of the Parthenon was built.


Of course, it was closed. So we just walked around the lake, looking at the ducks and Canadian geese.


Yeah, umm….. I guess there’s no fishing in this “pond”.


We did see some turtles on a log…


After a loop around the lake, we headed into the car and drove into the ritzy upscale Belle Mead neighborhood. (Al Gore’s mansion is there, somewhere.) The lawns were meticulously manicured, and every house was certainly creme of the crop!


We worked our way to the Belle Mead Plantation, and looked around the gift shop a bit before heading out again, towards the Loveless Cafe.