Rain in the Woods / Priest Dam

Dan Nashville (2009)

As we headed away from the Loveless, we came across the Edwin Warner Park. After that kind of meal, it sounded good to take a walk.


It made sense, being a preserve, that no animals were allowed in the park. But no plants? Weird.


After walking for about 15 minutes or so, the rain suddenly started coming down – hard. We rushed back to the car, and dried off – laughing all the way.


We then drove in an arc around Nashville, headed more or less towards the airport at a leisurely rate. I noticed that there was a dam on the map, so we headed there. Along the way, we saw the best advertisement ever. No comment necessary – just enjoy the awesomeness of LaTonya!


We also saw a sign for “Fresh Boiled Peanuts” and Justin got superexcited. So we pulled over and a local man (chomping on a cigar, natch) provided Justin with his ziplock back of…. boiled peanuts.


We continued onward, and soon got to the J. Percy Priest Dam. It has a park at its base, and the breeze was incredibly peaceful and – more importantly – dry. There was a nice field to relax on, where we all just chilled out, watched the water and the clouds. I tried a boiled peanut, but didn’t find it too enjoyable; I prefer my peanuts not to be mushy.



There were some bales of hay in the field which added to the rustic sense of the area.


But off in the distance, glowing like a beacon in the night, was…. the Waffle House.