Bluebottle Coffee Co. / Arriving at the Skywalker Ranch

Dan Bay Area


We headed into San Francisco, with a mission for some coffee before continuing on to the Skywalker Ranch.  A quick Google search resulted in the “best coffee in San Francisco” being the Bluebottle Coffee Co., so I found a convenient location, and we went there.

It was a small little kiosk hidden down a side street, but it reeked of “San Francisco” charm. I got the New Orleans-styled Iced Coffee, which was absolutely delicious. I can’t remember what was in it, but it did have chikory. Everyone else agreed that their coffee was top notch. Huzzah!


We then headed north, towards the 101 freeway. It’s a silly thing to say, but San Francisco really has a lot of steep hills.


From there, we worked our way to the Golden Gate Bridge….


…. and then across the bridge….


… at which point we got a spectacular view of San Francisco.


We drove the rest of the way to the Skywalker Ranch, which is nestled in the middle of Lucas Valley Preserve.  (No relation to George Lucas – really!!)  The weather was absolutely gorgeous – mid 60s, sunny, and crisp. It was incredibly refreshing.


We could see a family of deer grazing near Lake Ewok.



We checked into The Inn, where every room is themed and named after a famous artist.  I ended up with the Norman Rockwell room, appropriately named for the painting over the fireplace:


It’s a pretty sweet room, and incredibly peaceful and relaxing.