Off to the Bay Area

Dan Bay Area

I woke up early today to finish packing and get some stuff done – I’m heading up to the Skywalker Scoring Stage to attend the recording of a score for Jason Graves, and it should be a pretty fun trip! I’ve never stayed at the Ranch before (only had my brief day trip visit in April), so this should be quite the experience. I hear that it’s like a vacation…..

Waiting for the shuttle from Lot C turned out to be futile; after 20 minutes of waiting, I just walked over to the depot where all the buses were sitting. Lame!  Got to the gate about 15 minutes before we started boarding, and Paul (the orchestrator) showed up shortly thereafter.  The flight to San Francisco was incredibly fast; we landed about 20 minutes earlier than we had been expecting!  After meeting up with Jason and Dan (his assistant), we got the rental car, then headed into the city.