Sol Food / Stars at Night

Dan Goldwasser Bay Area

For dinner, Dan, Paul and I drove back towards the freeway, to check out a pizza place that had been highly rated on  Unfortunately, we got there to discover that the place was closed on Mondays!  Argh.  Now super-hungry, we continued further south into San Rafael, and went to another spot that was on my “must try” list – Sol Food. This Puerto Rican restaurant was featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives“, and had looked really good.


This tiny little joint only has like 8 seats, and we managed to get three of them right at the front counter.  I got a mango lemonade to drink (awesome!) and decided to get the bistec encebollado, which is a thinly sliced steak sauteed with onions, served with rice, black beans, organic salad and fried plantains.  It was amazingly flavorful and really good.  I’m glad we went there!

Afterwards, we drove back up to the Ranch with some take-out for Jason and Don (the audio director) who were having a pow-wow while we had gone to dinner.  We all hung out for a bit with some wine, and then we headed back to the Inn, where Jason and Paul were going to go over the scores for tomorrow’s scoring session. I took the opportunity (and the darkness) to try some night photography.


Kinda hard to make out on this smaller version, but it’s basically a 30-second exposure of the northwestern sky.  Here’s one of the moon, and you can see Jupiter quite brightly to its left.


Unfortunately, the clouds were starting to roll in, and I wasn’t able to get more shots. I need time to experiment a bit more with ISO settings, F-stops, and shutter speeds. (I think “bulb” is the best option, with a 60-second or more exposure time. But I have to hold the shutter button down manually, and that might lead to some blurring since my hands aren’t rock-steady, even on a tripod!)