Skywalker Session / Frontoio / More Night Photos

Dan Bay Area

Woke up at 7:20am, and after getting some stuff done, headed downstairs for breakfast.  The coffee machine was enticing me with its brew, and the photo speaks for itself.


The weather outside was absolutely amazing – not a cloud in the sky, beautifully clear and crisp – it was in the high 60s.


The scoring session went pretty well – three hours of strings, and then three hours of brass after lunch.  More on that in a year or so when I can talk about it; there’s a good chance we’ll be back up here in the spring for additional scoring.

For dinner, we went to Frontoio, which was highly recommended. This Italian restaurant presses its own olives (as well as the ones from the Skywalker Ranch) and makes homemade olive oil. It was quite tasty. I got the risotto for my meal, and it was also quite good.  Our waiter, on the other hand, was a model of absent-minded ADD.

When we got back, we lit a fire in the fireplace at the Inn, which was quite nice and comforting.



I also managed to borrow a Nikon D90 from the music editor I knew who was up here for another project, since he had a remote shutter release.  I tried to do more night photography, but it didn’t quite come out the way I had hoped; I need to experiment more when I have more time.  Suffice it to say, the following photo came out pretty cool, but you can see that the earth’s rotation blur is evident – so I held the shutter open too long.  But it’s a pretty cool shot, at least in regards to the colors!