House of Nanking / The Embarcadero

Dan Bay Area

The walk into Chinatown wasn’t very far – and it was mostly downhill.


We passed a park, where a bunch of elderly Chinese men were gathered in groups, huddled around watching something.  Turns out it was Chinese Checkers.

Chinese Checkers

Our destination was House of Nanking, a restaurant that had been strongly recommended by a friend of mine – and corroborated with my research as one of the best eateries in Chinatown.  We started with the fried onion cakes served with the house peanut sauce.


Onion Cake

It was as good as you think it was.  That was followed by the “Melts in Your Mouth Fried Calamari”, which not only was “highly recommended”, but also was some of the most tender calamari I’ve ever had the honor of sampling.

Fried Calamari

After that came the Sesame Chicken – one of my favorite Chinese dishes of all time, and a requirement at any Chinese restaurant I go to.  It’s like my litmus test – Pad Thai is what I try in Thai restaurants; Chicken Korma in Indian restaurants, etc.  Suffice it to say, it was awesome!

Sesame Chicken

We ended the meal with the House Noodles: Fresh made thin egg noodles, cooked al dente tossed in sesame sauce with Asian spices, scallions and  garlic veggies.  It was scrumptious!

Garlic Noodles

Let’s just say that this was one of the most enjoyable Chinese meals I’ve had. It came out a bit fast – but it was super fresh and really tasty.  There was no fortune cookie at the end, which made me feel like it was even more authentic! Go figure.

We then walked through the financial district, slowly taking our time and enjoying the various neighborhoods of San Francisco.  We worked our way toward the Embarcadero, where the Ferry building is.


From there, we walked down Market Street back towards the hotel, where I gathered my luggage and then it was off to the airport – via the BART!