Nob Hill / Drinks at The Fairmont and Top of the Mark

Dan Bay Area

After wandering around the Fisherman’s Wharf area, we drove back to the hotel, and then decided to walk the short distance to Nob Hill.  It was only a few blocks, but it sure was steep, so it took a little time. But you could get neat pix like this:


By the time we got to the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, we were definitely in need of a drink. Unfortunately, The Top of the Mark wasn’t opening until 5pm! Argh! So we decided to walk around the area.  You can see here how steep the hill is, given the angle of the cars.


We headed across the street, figuring that the Fairmont Hotel (featured in such films as The Rock) would have a bar that was open – and we were right! After exploring a bit, we settled down at a table at the Laurel Court, and got drinks.  I had a Rum Raj, which was quite tasty.


We then walked around the Nob Hill area, enjoying the gorgeous weather, before finally heading up to The Top of the Mark at 5pm. The view from the 19th floor lounge was simply stellar.



With 100 martinis to pick from, it was hard to make a choice. If I lived in the SF area, I’d probably come here twice a week just so I could try them all over a 50 week period!  I settled on the Orange Creamsicle: Smirnoff Vanilla, Smirnoff Orange, Triple Sec and Orange Juice with a splash of cream.  Jason and Dan decided to both get the Blood Orange Martini: Belvedere Orange, Campari, Orange Juice and Grenadine.  They were both tasty!


After relaxing for a bit and enjoying the ambiance, we decided that it was probably time to start walking towards Chinatown for dinner – we were starting to get a little hungry!