Dan Goldwasser Boston

It’s always a delight to be welcomed to the Boston area by my nieces – so cute!!  Didn’t do much on Monday night, we just all hung out at the apartment.  With a lot of people here, it was a big tumultuous, and I stayed on an inflated mattress in my dad’s office – and ended up with only about 5 hours of sleep.

Tuesday I went to lunch with my older sister at her favorite Korean/Japanese restaurant, Sapporo.  After that, I spent some time with my older niece and we watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Blu-ray, then napped a bit before dinner.  My grandma had come in from Florida, so I would be moving to her apartment to stay there the rest of the trip (it’s only about 2 blocks away from my folks), and was able to get some pretty good sleep.

This morning – pretty early – after a short visit of a personal family nature, I took my little sister to breakfast at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, which was fun and satisfying.  We also went to run a few errands to help prepare for Thanksgiving. Later on, I took the T into Back Bay to meet my high school friend Jeremy for lunch at the Trident Booksellers & Cafe, where I got a very satisfying soup and half-sandwich.

My job later that afternoon was to make the rum cake, which I had made two years ago – and was a big hit.  I was helped by my eldest niece, who did a wonderful job and cracked all of the eggs without any shell bits!  It came out great – forgot to take pix, but I need to make another one tomorrow for Friday night anyways, so I’ll be sure to remedy that then.


The rest of the evening was pretty relaxed; dinner was pizza (anchovy – yum!) and a salad I made, which I kinda messed up since I forgot the dried cranberries (which we had bought).  Gah!  Still came out pretty good though!  The evening’s entertainment was Up, which was really fun, and then I headed back to my grandma’s apartment, to watch “Dexter” before hitting the sack.