Dan Boston

The days following Thanksgiving were pretty low-key.  I spent time with family, played with my nieces, saw some friends, and in general did a great job doing no work whatsoever!

Friday night I went out to my friend Mike’s dad’s place for their big post-Thanksgiving party (and I brought the second rum cake). It was a lotta fun, and good to catch up with some high school peeps and meet some new folks as well.  Saturday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous, and I really enjoyed the brief sunshine and mild weather, and met a friend for coffee at the Full-screenEspresso Royale Caffe down in Back Bay, and then another friend on Sunday afternoon at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square.  The rental car that I’ve been using is a bit bizarre – it has no automatic locks, but does have XM Radio.  Go figure.  Still, I needed to get an auxiliary cable for my iPod so that I would have something to listen to when I drive down to Rhode Island later this morning!

This morning I had to wake up at 7am so that I could watch my eldest niece when everyone went out – my mom was out taking my dad and grandma to the airport where they were off to Florida; my little sister was off to NYC and my older sister was taking my younger niece to pre-school.  I’ll be heading out to Rhode Island shortly for a day trip; weather seems like it will be pretty good!