The Road to Rhode Island

Dan Goldwasser Boston

I hit the road to head to Rhode Island around 11:30am or so, and traffic was smooth on Rt. 9, but then there was a big accident or something, so things slowed down to a crawl.  Luckily my phone has Google Maps and GPS, so I figured out an alternate route, then made my way down to Narragansett.  Got there a little before 1pm, and met Mike at the new Institute for Archaeological Oceanography building, which was a very nice building.  We then headed to Crazy Burger (soon to be featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”) for lunch. I got the “Whassupy Burger”, which has ground beef spiced up with a combination of horseradish, garlic and Worcestershire sauce, dressed up with Brie cheese and home-made red onion rings, rolled out on a whole wheat bun with a wasabi-chipotle mayonnaise on the side. It was pretty tasty!

The drive back to the Boston area was uneventful, save for the pouring rain. It was kinda exciting driving through the haze and spray kicked up by all the driving cars, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ll be missing this weather anytime soon!