Flight to LA

Dan Boston

The flight to Boston was alright – the electrical outlet in my seat wasn’t active for most of the flight (they said that active power would “cycle” through different rows throughout the flight, but it only came on once and for only 15-minutes), so my laptop battery got pretty low.  We hit a bit of bad turbulence over Colorado, and dropped about 1,000 feet in 30 seconds. Pretty exciting (and scary) stuff, but the rest of the flight was uneventful.

Pete was awesome enough to pick me up at the airport, which was surprisingly crowded for a Tuesday night (I suppose there were a lot of holiday travelers who decided to come back late, like myself), and then we snagged a bite to eat – I hadn’t eaten anything for 10 hours!  It’s good to be back in LA – much to do this week, and it’s already half over!!