Morning in Krakow / First Panel

Dan Poland (2010)

Being pretty tired and rather jet-lagged, I got more-or-less a full night’s sleep, waking up a little before 8am. Around 8:40 I headed to breakfast downstairs in the hotel, which was comprised of a whole lot of small plates with various items on it, for one to pick from. Cheeses,meats,herring, some sort of pate, bread, pastries, vegetables, cereal, muesli, dried fruit, etc., all for the picking. So I made myself a light little meal, and worked on my notes for the first panel. ASCAP’s Nancy Knutsen joined me a little while later, and we discussed the game plan.

We were greeted by two lovely ladies who work with the festival, and they escorted us (Varese Sarabande’s Robert Townson had arrived downstairs by now) to the Pavilion, where the panels (“academies”) would be held. The first panel was titled “Film Music and the Internet”, and I was the moderator. I really had no idea what to expect, and was justifiably nervous.  The panel consisted of myself, Knutsen,Townson, three gentlemen who run Polish film music websites, a guy who runs, and a very nice lady from the RMF Classic radio station.  Over the two hour period, we had a pretty good discussion about the ups-and-downs of the Internet, and how it affects the various aspects of the film music community. We ran out of steam with about 10 minutes left, so I think that it can be deemed a success!

I was interviewed (no idea for who or where it will appear) on camera afterwards, and then we returned to the hotel to drop stuff off before heading over to the press conference announcing the official opening of the festival, with Tan Dun and Shigeru Umebayashi. (Howard Shore was arriving later in the day.)