Press Conference / Lunch at Da Pietro

Dan Poland (2010)

The press conference was held at above a restaurant called Virtuoso, in a private room which also had some coffee/tea/drinks and nibbles.  That was good, since it was already 12:30p and there was no set plan for lunch. They also had these little vodka-infused chocolates which were oh-so-good.  The room was very crowded, with lots of Polish press, and was in 80% Polish, and maybe 15% English.  (Umebayashi replied to the questions in Japanese, with the aid of a Polish-Japanese interpreter.)  Afterwards, there was a cake-cutting ceremony to officially kick off the festival – and who can complain about dessert before lunch?

When it ended at 1:45, we were really starting to get hungry, so Nancy and Robert and I headed into the Market Square to find a restaurant.  We settled on Ristorante Da Pietro, an Italian restaurant that was in the cellar of one of Krakow’s older buildings.  Suffice it to say, the decor was awesome (check out the ‘Virtual Tour’ on their website), and the food was quite delicious.  I just got a ravioli dish, but it was really good, filled with some kind of wine-braised beef, and two different types of sauces. By the time we finished up and got back to the hotel, we had about 30 minutes to kill before heading to the next conference panel.