Shigeru Umebayashi Concert / Festival Banquet

Dan Poland (2010)

We were picked up at the hotel a little after 8pm (we made sure to get to the lobby early this time – didn’t want to miss our ride again!), and we were taken back to the Steelworks for the Shigeru Umebayashi concert.  Since last night was so cold, we all had prepared to bundle up – but it was such a mild evening that it was warm in the venue, and my sweatshirt and jacket sat on the chair next to me, unused.  The concert was a shorter one than the Tan Dun concert, but the selection of cues from various films (2048, In the Mood for Love, Curse of the Golden Flower, Fearless, House of Flying Daggers, etc.) were exceptionally well performed, under the baton of composer Benjamin Wallfisch.

When it was finished, we were taken to the Grand Hotel for our big Friday night banquet, which started well after midnight. Had a great conversation with Howard Shore, and translator Piotr. Dinner consisted of duck pate appetizer, and pork loin for the meal, and then cheesecake for dessert.  Suffice it to say, I still haven’t gotten my pierogi! Hopefully tomorrow.  I called it a night around 1:30am and headed back to the hotel room to sleep – nothing is going on until 12:30p when we have our walking tour of the city, so I’m gonna sleep in!