The Jewish Quarter

Dan Poland (2010)

The weather was delightful now, party sunny and in the high 60s, and it didn’t look like it would rain, so I just went out without a jacket.  I walked the 1.5km from the hotel to the Jewish Quarter, in the Kazimierz district of Krakow. Heading there was a bit like walking backwards in time, with the architecture virtually unchanged since the 19th Century, and the eastern European Soviet-bloc styled streetcars certainly added to the vibe.

I walked around and saw the old Jewish cemetery, a few of the synagogues, and poked my head into a few of the bookshops to try to find some postcards for my dad (without success).  After moseying for about two hours, I made my way back up towards the hotel, stopping to peruse a few of the small souvenir shops along the way to find something for my nieces.  I am also on the hunt for the small bottle of Goldwasser vodka to bring back to LA.  I did find a nice babushka doll for my youngest niece, and still need to get something for my eldest niece and nephew.  Will do that tomorrow during our walking tour of Krakow.