Walking Around Old Krakow

Dan Poland (2010)

After sleeping in for a bit, I got a leisurely breakfast and then checked email and wrote the past few blog posts.  A group of us then met up at 12:30p for a walking tour of Old Krakow.  The weather was phenomenal – partly cloudy, high 60s/low 70s, and a nice spring breeze.  We went through the Market Square, saw the trumpeter of Krakow, headed north to the old Florian Gate, then back down and around to the old Jagiellonian University, then south to the Wawel Castle, where we were suddenly set upon by a rogue thunderstorm.  After quickly buying some umbrellas from the gift shop, we headed back up north through the old city, and then at the Market Square said farewell to most of the group, as they were off to a fan meeting with Howard Shore.

Robert and Nancy and I went to a small family eatery a few blocks off the Market Square, called Bar Kuchcik, where we were told we could get some good pierogis.  Unfortunately their selection today was rather meager, and they only had lentil pierogis, but I got them nonetheless.  They were good, albeit a bit boring since they were just made with lentils!  Still I feel like I got what I had expected outta them.  We then headed back to the hotel to rest for a little bit before the final reception of the festival.  I decided to take that opportunity to do a little souvenir shopping at the Market Square stalls, to get stuff for the family.