Frankfurt to Los Angeles

Dan Poland (2010)

The flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles ended up taking off about 2.5 hours late. We did make up a little bit of time in the air, but still showed up pretty late.  I had a window seat towards the front of economy class, and the guy next to me on the aisle seat was an older, heavier Italian man who didn’t really understand the concept of personal space. I did manage to get a little sleep, so I should be fine with the whole jetlag thing. Tomorrow will only tell!

We landed about 2 hours later than our original scheduled arrival time, and it wasn’t too long to get through passport control, and then about 10-15 minutes for my bag to show up.  But then it was another 20 minutes waiting in an absurdly huge line to get through customs.  I finally made it out and was picked up by Patrick around 8pm, and could finally get home.