Announcing the La-La Land Comic-Con Titles, and More!

Dan Audio Projects, Spain (2010)

After a nice Spanish breakfast at the hotel, I walked to the Hospital de Santiago, where most of the festivities would be taking place.  10am saw the Jamie Christopherson panel, after which a press conference was held with the mayor of Ubeda, as well as the festival organizers, to kick off the start of the festival.  Spanish composer Zacarías M. de la Riva held his panel, and then it was time for mine.

My panel was about the work I’ve been doing with La-La Land Records, and it was my honor to announce our upcoming titles for next week’s Comic-Con festivities.  I stretched out the excitement a bit by playing audio clips, and first up was the already announced score release of John Debney’s Predators, which also uses bits of Alan Silvestri’s score from the first film.

Next up, I announced the 3,000 unit, 2-disc limited edition of James Horner’s 1983 score to Krull.

And finally, as some had guessed, we announced a 5,000 unit, 2-disc limited edition of Danny Elfman’s score to Batman.

Suffice it to say, the audience loved it.  I also talked about the challenges with producing soundtracks like Godzilla and Nate and Hayes, and in honor of Alex North’s 100th birthday, played a little bit of Dragonslayer as well.  I also let it be known that we were working on Batman Returns (Danny Elfman), Clue (John Morris), Jade (James Horner), The Storyteller (Rachel Portman), and The X-Files (Mark Snow).  I forgot to mention Alien Resurrection (John Frizzell), since I was short on time and it slipped my mind. Whoops!

After the panel, I went to lunch with a few folks, and we went back to the pizza place from last night; you can’t have too much pizza, especially when it’s this good, and when it’s likely the only big meal you’ll have all day!