True Blood in Concert

Dan Spain (2010)

After a brief rest post-lunch, and after the Jerry Goldsmith Awards presentation (to up-and-coming composers who submitted their material to be voted on), we walked to the main hotel for the composers, Las Casas del Consul.  There we all relaxed for a bit, had a drink, and then eventually it was time to head out for the True Blood concert, with Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott performing.

The concert was held in a beautiful newly restored courtyard of some old building.  Joining Nathan on stage was an ensemble of four cellos, a pianist, some guitarists, and a few other musicians, including vocalist Lisbeth Scott.  Composer Randy Edelman conducted the hour-long concert, which took us through the various themes and score-heavy moments from the show.  It was all quite nice and very well done.  Afterwards there was supposed to be a  “True Blood” party of sorts for the fans, but we didn’t go there; instead I headed back to Las Casas del Consul with a few other folks, and we all relaxed and had drinks, and then I walked back around 2am, to get some sleep.