Paella Lunch and Choir Practice

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2010)

After the panels, I was getting hungry, and so I headed to lunch with Lennertz and a bunch of folks from his entourage, and some others.  It was held at a restaurant that seemed to specialize in steak and paella, but it wasn’t quite clear. Dave Grusin and his group was already there, finishing up their meal, and we got started with some salad, bread with excellent local olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and some gazpacho.  The paella was a seafood one, and it was really quite good.  Some of the folks  ordered steak as well, and apparently the idea of “medium rare” seems to be a difficult one to grasp in Ubeda; Doreen sent hers back three times(!) to be cooked further, since it was literally a slab of raw meat, just cooked on the outside.

After lunch, I headed back with the group to Las Casas del Consul, where I chilled for a bit before walking over to the Hospital to check out the choir rehearsal for tomorrow night’s symphonic concert.  Giacchino had rehearsed and prepped a suite from Star Trek to be performed if there was enough time, and after Lennertz finished his choir practice, I also managed to hear a bit of what would be one of two of the surprise encores. (So at least you know it had choir!)