Late Night Ice Cream and Drinks

Dan Spain (2010)

Friday night’s festivities continued in the early morning, while the fans went on a scavenger hunt. This was supposed to be followed up at 2:30am by the drinks and chocolate pastries down by the city wall overlooking the olive groves, which I missed out on three years ago, and had heard how great they were.  So to kill the time, a bunch of us – including Grusin and Lennertz – headed out to find some food (since we hadn’t had dinner, after the big lunch)!  The problem was, everything was closed – except the ice cream shop. So, at 2am, we were all having some delicious ice cream – as well as four small children seated alone at a table, probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  They seemed unsupervised, and had finished off their ice cream, and were making a general mess – shoving the ice cream cone wrappers into the vending machines to try to get free stuff, etc.  Little monsters!

Jamie Christopherson, Chris Lennertz, Philip White, Richard and Nicky Kraft, and myself all decided we would still try to check out the drinks and chocolates at the southern end of the city.  So we went down there and there was a bit of a crowd – but no chocolates.  We got conflicting information – some people said that the chocolates already came, and others were saying that they had yet to arrive.  Richard and Nicky bailed out (they were off to Greece the next day) and the four of us remained to have a drink in hopes of the chocolate arriving.  It didn’t, and we ended up bailing out at 3:30am to head back to the hotel.

When we got to Las Casas del Consul, however, we found a whole bunch of people still up, hanging out on the patio and having drinks.  So we joined in and were up for quite a while having a blast, and then I headed back to the hotel to get some sleep, around 5am.