Orchestra Rehearsal and Lunch

Dan Spain (2010)

I slept in a bit, and then after a late breakfast headed to the Hospital to check out the symphony rehearsal for the evening’s concert. Watching Grusin play On Golden Pond was great, as well as the Spartacus suite.  There were a few tense moments, like when the percussionist didn’t have the right sheet music during Randy Edelman’s segment, and apparently the musician’s union representatives were very unhappy about the lack of breaks.  But still, everyone got a shot at making tweaks and adjustments, though I heard that Grusin wished he could get another chance to have the orchestra practice the Goonies material to get it just right.

After the rehearsals ended (Mikael Carlsson and I stayed for the secret encores), we headed down to the “other” Italian restaurant in town, where we joined Giacchino and a bunch of folks to have some lunch.  The saland and pizza was excellent, but the heat was nearly insufferable after we left; I felt sick from it – apparently it was nearly 106-degrees outside.  I went back to the hotel, took a cooling shower, and then a nap before the evening’s concert.