Recital of Film and Non-Film Music

Dan Spain (2010)

The evening’s concert was different than one I had seen before in Ubeda three years ago.  Back then, it was a very long symphonic concert all on one night; this time they had a smaller “recital” where the guest artists would perform their own music on stage, themselves, or backed with a small group.  Vocalist/pianist Lisbeth Scott sang two Alex North songs, and then a song from Munich, which she provided vocals on in the original score.  Randy Edelman played piano, and though he was nervous, he did a good job (except for one bad note, which resulted in the funniest curse outburst on stage I’ve been privy to).  Jamie Christopherson played piano and guitar, and Spanish phenomenon Pasion Vega sang two songs by Alex North.  The highlight of the evening was Dave Grusin on the piano. Holy cow, this guy was phenomenal. And hearing “Memphis Stomp” from The Firm live on stage was truly awe-inspiring.  After the concert, Grusin was honored with the Basil Poledouris award, which he seemed truly humbled by.