CD Signing / Gala Luncheon

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2010)

The CD signing was held in Ubeda’s City Hall, a beautiful old building that is situated in the older section of the town.   It lasted for about four hours, and I managed to get everyone to sign my festival poster, and a lot of us exchanged contact information as well.  This was followed by the luncheon gala, which started around 4:15pm.  This was an opportunity for the fans to mingle with the composers, get their photos taken, and everyone seemed to have a great time. The food was very similar to the tapas we had the night before, but the main entrée was a quite good pork tenderloin, and dessert (actually sweet, not savory!) was tiramisu and nutmeg ice cream. Delicious!

After that, I took a quick cat-nap and then a few of us headed over to Las Casas del Consul, where we were told that at 9pm we would be going off to a “secret event”.