Symphonic Concert of Film Music

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2010)

The concert – as most things in Ubeda – started late, around 9:40pm.  Giacchino kicked things off (literally) by giving the mayor of the city a soccer ball autographed by all the composers, and then tossing two more into the crowd to the fans.  He played music from The Family Stone, Lost, Medal of Honor, and Up.  He was followed by Lennertz, who played music from Medal of Honor: European Assault, The Comebacks, Warhammer, and Meet the Spartans.  Spanish composer/conductor Arturo Sandoval conducted a piece of his own music, and then Randy Edelman did Gettysburg and the “Dragon Suite” – music from The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and Dragonheart.  The first part of the top-heavy concert came to an end with an amazing suite of music from Alex North’s Spartacus, conducted by Sandoval. It was a phenomenal performance.

After intermission, the second part of the concert started, with Dave Grusin’s program.  With Grusin conducting the orchestra – and playing on piano – it was jjust awesome.  The Goonies was a fan favorite, followed by Havana and then Pasion Vega came out to sing “Making Whoopie” from The Fabulous Baker Boys and “Tonight” from West Side Story.  Finally, Grusin ended with a suite of music from his Oscar-winning score to The Milagro Beanfield War, which was an excellent way to conclude the official program of the concert.

There were, as mentioned earlier, two encores. The first one was Christopher Lennertz conducting music from Basil Poledouris’ Conan the Barbarian, and the second was Sandoval conducting the epic finale from Jerry Goldsmith’s The Final Conflict.  This marked the third time I’ve heard this piece performed in concert, and it never gets tiring!