Back to Madrid

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2010)

After waking up around 7:30am, I finished packing and grabbed a little breakfast before a bunch of us were taken from our hotel to Las Casas del Consul, where a bus would be taking all of us (who were left) to the train station.  A van was driving our luggage to Madrid separately, and after a 20-30 minute bus ride, we were at the station.  Some more farewells were made, and then 22 of us boarded the train for Madrid.  The three-hour ride was relaxing and fun, with good conversations and rest.  We arrived in Madrid, and another bus took us to the hotel.  I realized I left my phone on the bus shortly after we arrived, and so they had to get the bus to come back – luckily my phone was waiting for me. Whew!