Wandering Around Madrid

Dan Spain (2010)

After settling in the hotel, I met up with Giacchino, his sister Maria, his assistant Andrea, her sister Iris and her mom Rohnda, and the six of us headed out to go wander a bit around Madrid.  We walked by the palace, but it was so hot that we decided we needed to get some kind of ice cream.  A gentleman at a restaurant pointed us towards Palazzo, which was supposed to have some of the best gelato in the city.  I don’t know if it did, but the scoop of “chocolate cognac” and scoop of “rice pudding” that I had in my cup were delicious and refreshing.  We explored the Almudena Cathedral next to the palace briefly, then headed to the Plaza Mayor to meet up with two of Maria’s friends who were also in Madrid (and I had met while in Ubeda).

We relaxed in the plaza with a drink, and I got a little souvenir shopping done (picking up two Spain t-shirts for the world cup), and then we moseyed back to the hotel for a bit of siesta.