DC to Los Angeles

Dan Spain (2010)

The flight from DC to LA was rather uneventful – the excitement was when I arrived in LA, and had a slew of messages wondering if I was on a flight that had been diverted to Denver. Turns out that the 5pm flight from Dulles to LAX encountered severe turbulence, people were injured, and the flight was diverted to Denver.  Wow.  The original flight I was supposed to take was the one before the diverted flight, and so I never had an opportunity to even get on the diverted flight, unless my Madrid delay ended up being 1-hour instead of 2-hours, but who knows!

I bumped into Doreen (from BMI) and her daughter Chelsea at the airport, as well as Michael Giacchino and his sister.  They were all on the flight that was to leave Madrid 2.5 hours after mine, and apparently theirs left late, and they missed their connection in NYC – so it was just a total coincidence that we all ended up at LAX at the same time. Go figure!

By the time I finally made it home, it was around 11pm, and I had to get some stuff done – tomorrow is going to be spent unpacking, doing laundry, and re-packing because I’m heading down to San Diego to attend a day at…. Comic-Con. Whew.