Madrid to DC

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2010)

The delayed flight finally boarded and took off after 1pm – more than two hours later than scheduled.  I fell asleep relatively quickly, but woke up for some lunch.  Of course, since I was sitting in seat 21D, the two carts starting at the front and rear of the aircraft would meet right by my seat – which means both of them would run out of food just before servicing my row.  Urgh.  Luckily the other aisle had some extra food, and while that situation repeated for the pre-landing “snack”, at least it wasn’t a complete bust.

Once I landed in DC and got my bag, I found a United Airlines representative who told me I was rebooked on the 8:15pm flight to LA, getting in around 10:40pm.  That gives me a bit of time to kill in the airport, so I might have to grab some dinner at the airport, before the next flight.  I did go to the automated help center to get my new ticket, and was surprised to discover that it had me in the system as being on a flight from DC to Oklahoma City, and then another flight from OK to LA.  While it would get me in early, I didn’t want to deal with yet another connecting flight; I’d rather just relax at the airport and get on ONE airplane.  So I found a human, and made sure I got a good seat on the direct flight at 8:15.  Whew.