Taking a Bite out of The Big Apple

Dan New York City (2010)

I’m off to New York City today, for the first time in (I think) over six years.  The weather here in Los Angeles is appropriately terrible; thunderstorms and pouring rain.  In NYC, it’s raining right now as well, but the next few days are supposed to be gorgeous – sunny and in the high 60s/low 70s.  I’ll be attending a book signing on Thursday, and a concert on Friday night; look for more details as they happen. I’ll also be seeing friends and partaking in the numerous culinary gems that the city has to offer.

Got to LAX about 90 minutes before the flight, and breezed through security.  It looks like it’s a full flight, but I have an aisle seat, so that will make things a little more comfortable.  Add the GoGo In-Flight WiFi, and a power outlet, and I’ll be one productive flier!