Saturday: Manhattan Memories

Dan Goldwasser New York City (2010)

Woke up earlier than my alarm was set, mainly because of text messages coming in to start figuring out the plan for the day.  I headed into Manhattan to meet up with Drew for some breakfast.  We met up near Penn Station, and walked down to The Dish, in Chelsea, where we grabbed some breakfast. I got the lox, eggs and onions and it was quite good, but it was no Barney Greengrass.

After that, we decided to check out Magnolia Bakery down in the West Village.  The bakery and its awesome cupcakes were featured in the SNL Digital Short “Lazy Sunday”, and the red velvet cupcake was awesome. I think it was more about how good the frosting was than the cupcake itself, but oh man, deliciousness.  Unfortunately Drew had to get back to Princeton, so we headed back up to Penn Station.  I then had a bit of time to kill, so I went over to Central Park, then Columbus Circle where I hung out (once more) in the Time Warner Center.  I also took a moment to check out the “Samsung Experience”, and glory in the amazing thinness of the new 3D LED HDTVs.

Met up with Mike and Kyle, and then we walked through a bit of Central Park again, enjoying the 71-degrees and sunny weather. We then headed down to the Ameritania Hotel to meet up with Doug Adams.  Grabbing some drinks from the nearby Starbucks, we all lounged in the hotel lounge for a bit, catching up and talking about the film music biz in general.  He had to head out for a pre-show book signing, and since we weren’t going to the evening LOTR performance, we had a few hours to kill before the after-party.

We decided to head south, to get dinner at The Meatball Shop, in the East Village. There was a little bit of a wait, so we went to a nearby bar for a drink while we waited for our table.  About 40 minutes later, we were seated, and ordered our food.  The meatballs were absolutely delicious.  I ended up with three small meatball sliders, one beef, one pork, and one lamb.  So good!  Next up we walked a few blocks to check out Schiller’s Liquor Bar, which had one of the more unique bathrooms I’ve seen.  From there we were going to get a drink in The Back Room, a speakeasy co-owned by actor Tim Robbins.  However, we were denied entrance because we didn’t have any ladies with us.  It’s not like it was 11pm on a Saturday night and the place was bustling, but if they didn’t want our money, so be it.  I’ll just donate the $13 I would have spent on an overpriced drink to Tim Robbins’ least favorite candidate. Probably Carly Fiorina.  (Kidding, I’m keeping my money for me!)

Dejected, we headed uptown to the other location of The Crooked Knife, where Kyle knew a bunch of people were going to be at.  We hung out there with his roommate Luke, had a few drinks, and overall just relaxed until it was about 11:15pm.  Then it was time to head out to the CAMI after-party, taking place at the Heartland Brewery, right near Radio City Music Hall.

Hooray for open-bar! Suffice it to say, it was a blast of a party. I got to catch up a bit with Ludwig Wicki, the conductor who did an amazing job back in Krakow and here in NYC, as well as a few others. By the time we were ready to head out, it was nearly 2am, and we were wiped.  So we cabbed it back to Brooklyn, and called it a night.