LAX to Atlanta

Dan Boston

The problem with red-eye flights in general is that I can never seem to get any decent amount of sleep on them. I’ve been dealing with a stiff neck for the past week or so, so this flight was going to be rough either way.  Compounding the situation was the brevity of the flight – it was only 3.5 hours, which was hardly enough time to get any reasonable amount of sleep.  I probably only got 30 minutes of shut-eye.

We took off from LAX a little late, at 11:30pm PST, and landed in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 5:54am EST. And of course, we deplaned at A2, which was at the end of the terminal.  I then had to walk all the way to the center of the terminal, go down a very steep escalator, take a shuttle tram to Terminal B, and then walk all the way back to the other end of the terminal, to B7.  Fun.  The upside is that this 2.5 hour long leg of the flight looks like it will be pretty sparse, so I might have some room to stretch out and (hopefully) get a quick nap in.