Longmeadow / Northampton

Dan Boston

After being picked up from the airport, we headed to get a quick bite at Panera and do a little shopping before heading to Longmeadow, and my older niece’s school, where they were having a small Thanksgiving meal / celebration.  It was incredibly cute to watch a bunch of little kids dressed up like Pilgrims and Native Americans, and tell us the story of Thanksgiving, and sing songs.  After that, we headed back to my sister’s place, where I was undoubtedly going to need a nap.

Beauty and the Beast was the film my younger niece wanted to watch, and I ended up sleeping through most of it. By the time I woke up, my older niece was home, and soon it was time to watch The Little Mermaid.  Seems like a lot of Disney stuff going on over here!  After a light dinner, I headed out to Northampton to meet up with a friend and catch up, and was back by 11:30pm – completely tired and ready for sleep.