Prepping for the Turkey

Dan Goldwasser Boston

The lack of sleep caught up with me last night; I ended up sleeping until 1pm.  (Only a slight break around 7am by my nieces prevented it from being uninterrupted sleep.) With the morning completely shot, I wasn’t able to do any of my own stuff, and the rest of the day was spent helping my sisters around the house.  Cleaning the basement, raking leaves (in the cold cold weather), doing a little cooking (though much of that fell to my little sister who did an awesome job), and running an errand with my niece.

After dinner, with most things in order – and my uncle and his fiancée arriving a day earlier than expected – I managed to get a bit of a break from the tumultuousness with a small drive down to Connecticut to visit a friend and his family.  I was back a little after midnight, and everyone was already asleep.  I quickly followed suit, since tomorrow would be another crazy day.


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