Thanksgiving Day

Dan Boston

Ah, Thanksgiving.  In the past, we had gotten the whole family (and others) all together at my aunt and uncle’s place outside of Boston. This year, they basically said “screw it, we’re done!” and headed off to Arizona.  So, we did turkey-day at my sister’s place outside of Longmeadow.  We still had a sizable crowd – my grandmother came in with my parents, and my uncle came up from NYC with his fiancee, and there were two co-workers of my brother-in-law’s who joined us – and it was up to me and my sisters to pretty much get the whole thing going.  Correction – my little sister did most of the legwork, getting the turkey cooked, doing a sweet-potato dish, a pumpkin pie, and her amazing biscotti.  I made rum cake, but with Trader Joe’s ingredients (not Duncan Hines and Jell-O brands), it was not anywhere the same as what I had expected. (It was still good, though! Just a bit denser than normal.)

People would be arriving around 3pm, so there was a lot of cleaning left to do. I did a bit of work out in the backyard with my brother-in-law, packing leaves into garbage bags.  Fun stuff.  Eventually, people started to arrive, the Patriots game was on television, and it started to feel a bit more relaxed.

The meal was delightfully filling, the food came out quite good.  It was all Kosher, except for my rum cake, meaning that the desserts had no dairy – so the ice cream and whipped cream? Soy based.  It’s just not the same. I also missed the shrimp cocktail that my aunt would usually put out, as well as her amazing cranberry-pepper jam covered brie.  Perhaps next year we’ll return to the old tradition, but it was still quite a nice holiday celebrated with family.