Copernicus' Star

Dan Goldwasser Audio Projects

2009’s Copernicus’ Star was a small Polish animated film that I had never heard of. A few months ago, I got an email from a colleague whom I had met in Krakow last spring, and he pointed me to some sound samples from the score to Copernicus’ Star, composed by Golden Globe composer Abel Korzeniowski. A few emails and meetings later, and we had a deal to put together a limited edition (1,000 units) of the album – which comes out today from La-La Land Records.

I produced the album with Abel, and the listening experience was the top priority; we didn’t use any artwork from the film, and with the exception of some notes about the project in the liners, there is no reference to the movie at all. The mastering job by James Nelson at Digital Outland was phenomenal, and the full orchestra and choir burst forth in a large scale symphonic (and thematic) musical journey.  I strongly urge everyone to check out this album before it’s gone!