Dan Audio Projects

My latest project was quite the adventure.  I’m referring to La-La Land Records’ 3-disc release of  Basil Poledouris’ scores to Breakdown. The film came out in 1997, but no soundtrack was ever issued.  Apparently Poledouris had a bit of an interesting journey with the film, having written and recorded an orchestral score – which was rejected in lieu of a second score which was more minimalist.  Even that wasn’t enough, though, and some additional composers were brought in to record and replace some of Basil’s material.  Whew.

To say that this was a challenging album to produce is a bit of an understatement; we got our initial excellent sources from Paramount’s vaults for both scores, and a 2-disc album was planned. During the course of reaching out to members of Poledouris’ team, however, music editor Curtis Rousch found a DAT in his archive which contained more music, including pieces that weren’t on any of the Paramount sources.  Further research (including browsing over the actual scores at Jo Ann Kane Music Services) resulted in the realization that we had enough music for a three disc set – we had early versions of Poledouris score which were replaced in the final film, as well as alternates and early versions of pieces from his original rejected score.  Suffice it to say, this was going to be the ultimate Breakdown release!  Jim Titus did a stellar job with the packaging, and Jeff Bond’s liner notes are candid and insightful.  I dare say that this is one of the best presented albums I’ve worked on, as the collage below indicates.