Train to Ubeda

Dan Spain (2011)

After a small bit of relaxing (but no sleep), I checked out of the hotel and headed down to the train station, about 45 min before the train to Linares-Baez was supposed to leave. They didn’t actually put the train track listing on the board until about 2 minutes before it was supposed to depart, so there was a bit of a dash to get on the train (which left a few minutes late).  I ended up bumping into a few folks heading to the festival that I knew, including Asier – who is going to be my translator for Saturday’s panel – so I joined them at their seats (luckily no one came to claim the one I snagged, since I didn’t have a ticket for that seat).

The train ride itself was about 3.5 hours, with a few stops, so not bad at all – and it was certainly made even nicer by having some company to talk with.  When we got to the station, I was picked up by a representative of the festival and taken to Hotel El Postigo, where I’ll be staying.  After unpacking and relaxing for a bit, I ventured out into the heat to go to the Hospital de Santiago, the main venue location for the festival.  There I met up with a few more folks, and then we grabbed some dinner at this pizza place around the corner which was quite good and hearty. I headed back to the hotel at 10, since I was truly starting to fade, and promptly passed out at 10:30pm.