Traveling to Madrid

Dan Spain (2011)

I’m off to Spain for the 7th International Film Music Festival in Ubeda, Spain.  Like last year, this year I’m a guest, talking for an hour or so about the work I do with La-La Land Records. (They’re all at Comic-Con this week, so I won’t be joining them like last year.)  The flight to Dallas was fine, but for long-haul international flights, American Airlines really needs to step it up a notch. There was not only no in-flight WiFi or at-your-seat entertainment system, but they won’t even serve alcohol (for free) on international flights anymore! Oddly enough, Iberia (their partner airline with whom I’ve flown to Spain in the past) has free booze and in-flight entertainment.  Ah well. Oh, and Dallas-Ft. Worth, congrats, you have a very pretty airport.

I did manage to get  a little bit of sleep on the main flight from DFW to Madrid, and after getting through customs and collecting my bag, it was a short 20-minute cab ride to the Chamartin Train Station, where I had a hotel room waiting for me for a few hours.  That way I could clean up and relax a bit before the 4-hour long train ride down towards Ubeda.  After a brief rest, I needed to get some food, since I hadn’t had lunch yet.  The resulting experience reminded me how terrible my Spanish is (at least, right now at the beginning of the trip).  I found a little cafe that seemed to have a pretty good deal (€8 for a dish, a drink, break, and dessert or coffee), so I took advantage of that. Of course I was maybe 10% clear on the menu items. I got (and was pleased with) the stuffed peppers. (Note: not sure what kind of meat was inside. But it was tasty!)

Now I’m back at the hotel room relaxing for another hour before heading downstairs for my train to Ubeda. Tomorrow the festival begins!