Kraft-Engel Management

Dan Goldwasser Websites

Back in 1999, after I had been doing web design for folks in the film music industry for a little bit, I worked on a design mockup for the Kraft-Benjamin-Engel Management agency. They represent film composers, and it would have been a great gig.  While it didn’t ultimately go anywhere, a few years later I was hired to create the Finding Kraftland website for agent Richard Kraft, and then we just put up a simple one-page site for what was now Kraft-Engel Management.  And so it sat for several more years, until Richard asked me to join a team working on implementing a quarterly newsletter.  That project suddenly bloomed and exploded, and what was initially going to be a newsletter sent out four times a year became a full-featured website, with over 43-hours of audio.  Naturally our release date didn’t change as the project shifted scope, but working hard and with some clever WordPress and custom PHP/MySQL magic, we got it all done and launched in time.