X2: X-Men United

Dan Graphic Design

I had another soundtrack release at San Diego Comic Con this year – but I only art directed it.  La-La Land Records released a limited expanded soundtrack to John Ottman’s score to X2: X-Men United.  In working on this project, I not only got to use two of the scoring session photos I had taken years ago in the booklet, but I also got to go on an Easter egg hunt to find the original poster artwork.

Yes, that’s right, Fox didn’t have the key art from the film!  Fortunately, after my experience on Galaxy Quest, I knew how to go about it.  I reached out to my contact at BLT & Associates, and they were able to help me get the materials for the teaser poster.  Then I reached out (blindly!) to Art Machine, got passed around a bit, and ended up with some very helpful people who not only were able to get me the main poster artwork, but also a very cool alternate design which worked perfectly on the back tray. I’m very happy with how this package turned out, and I think everyone should go buy it today (the music is really good, too)!