The Conjuring

Dan Goldwasser Graphic Design

conjuring-coverWhen I was tasked with doing the artwork for The Conjuring, I wanted to take a minimalist, dark and scary approach to the artwork, similar to what I did with Evil Dead.  Composer Joseph Bishara had some suggestions as well, and taking all his input and my gut instincts into consideration, I started on the project.  The poster we used for the cover was cut up to allow for the grime on the walls to be seen in frame (they were higher up towards the ceiling and would have been cropped out). After a bit of back-and-forth (this was a co-production with La-La Land Records and WaterTower Music), the artwork came together in a way that i’m very happy with.  The creepy and unnerving music from The Conjuring is now available from La-La Land Records.