Red 2

Dan Goldwasser Graphic Design

red2-coverSo I had just returned from my trip to Spain, and got pulled into an email conversation that took me about five minutes to comprehend what I was reading.  Apparently, we were going to be doing the physical release in collaboration with Lionsgate Records for Alan Silvestri’s score to RED 2, and I’d be handling the artwork.  Once I got the assets, I went for a clean and straightforward – albeit very, very red – template layout.  I did have to rework the original key art a bit to make it fit nicely on the album cover (thank you, Photoshop layered artwork!), and I went with the Helvetica Neue font used in the marketing, to tie it all together.  I was very happy, when the physical discs arrived, that there was no bleed or color banding that I was concerned about! You can get the RED 2 score album from La-La Land Records.