Kick-Ass 2

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

kickass2-coverThis was a fun project to be involved with. I’ve known co-composer Matthew Margeson for years, and was fortunate enough to attend the scoring sessions for Kick-Ass 2, which he co-wrote with Henry Jackman.  While at the sessions, I inquired about the score album, and that got the conversation started between La-La Land Records and the production company.  (Universal Studios was the film’s distributor, so we didn’t have to go through them.)

Once a deal was struck, Matt put together a really enjoyable album assembly, with some physical album “exclusive” tracks.  I then worked with Universal Studios UK to get the art assets, and I came up with (what I felt was) a pretty sweet cover.  I was also able to integrate some of the scoring session photos I had taken into the art package, and maintained the font used in the ad campaign throughout, for continuity.

kickass2-v1-1Then, Sony announced the song album, and their cover… and it looked nearly identical to mine.  The decision was made, sadly, to ditch the cover I had (shown here on the right), and replace it with a cover that looks different from the song album (seen above).  I’m still pretty happy with the result, and the booklet has a nice clean aesthetic to it that I am trying to do more of in my work.  And the album is fun to listen to, as well!  It’s currently available on Amazon and iTunes.