Pet Sematary

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

petsematary-coverElliot Goldenthal’s first studio feature film score, Pet Sematary is a haunting, and unnerving horror score.  The original soundtrack release only ran 30 minutes, and there was certainly more goodness to release.  So when we found out that the rights had, indeed, reverted back to Paramount, we seized the opportunity to grab this title and give it the deluxe treatment.  The primary source was a pristine 4-track 1/2″ analog tape, which was lovingly transferred, and then I edited the album together, also including alternate mixes and versions of some tracks, as well as some “original album” versions.  It’s a delightfully devilish album to listen to, and I’m quite pleased with the results.

I wanted to base the artwork on the original theatrical poster, which used baseline-shifted lowercase text instead of capital letters, and bold type with white, red and black.  The original soundtrack cover only used the top half of the image (that of the deceased Victor Pascow), and ignored the rest of the artwork.  But, as Goldenthal himself requested on this project, he would actually like to see a “pet” and a “cemetery” on the cover for Pet Sematary.  The original key art was a little faded, but I had the assets they had used, and was able to recreate the poster framed for the album cover.  You can check out some of the artwork here, and the album (which you should definitely buy!) is available here.