The Matrix Revolutions

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

matrixrevolutions-coverAlthough we couldn’t announce it at the time, the truth of the matter is, we were working on The Matrix Revolutions immediately after completion (and prior to release!) on The Matrix Reloaded.  The source for this expanded soundtrack came, like the preceding title, from Don Davis’ own personal ProTools archive.  That yielded us the highest quality elements to use for the project.  And like with Reloaded, music editor Zig Gron was incredibly helpful in getting us any Juno Reactor sources that weren’t in Don’s archive, which in this case was “The Trainman Cometh”.  Additionally, I reached out to composer Reinhold Heil, who worked with the Wachowski’s recently on Cloud Atlas, for any assets he might have for the one source song on the album, Pale 3’s “In My Head”.  (Pale 3 is comprised of composers Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek.)  Given that the original 2003 soundtrack album, like the aforementioned Matrix Reloaded, was heavily compressed, it was great that we were able to get an uncompressed audio source for our mastering engineer to work with.  There weren’t that many alternate cues; there were a couple of instances where earlier versions of some of the action cues were actually shorter than the final versions, and they didn’t do much to enhance the album, so they weren’t included.  I will admit that I tried to get Don’s orchestral music from The Animatrix sequence “The Final Flight of the Osiris” on the album, but given that it was technically for a separate project (not to mention a different recording session and musicians), that idea was sadly abandoned early in the process.  You can hear the cue, however, on Don’s website here.

The artwork for The Matrix Revolutions was based on the template I had established for The Matrix Reloaded.  The most difficult aspect was actually re-typing the lyrics for “Neodämmerung”, which were in Sanskrit and had tons of vedic accents. I ended up dropping the accents themselves, since the font I used wouldn’t accommodate it. (It’s a minor concession, I think!)  Nonetheless, Don’s score for The Matrix Revolutions is a phenomenal work, and I’m exceptionally proud to have been involved in releasing the expanded soundtrack.   You can check out the artwork here.