Kraft-Engel Management

Dan Goldwasser Websites

So I finally got a chance to redesign the Kraft-Engel Management website. The original site was built back in 2012 and while the visual aesthetics were fine, the way it was implemented meant that there was a lot of manual database entry and FTPing of audio files to update the clients.  I knew that there was a simpler solution, and one that would also modernize the site to allow it to be mobile-friendly.

Using the X Theme (again, from the amazing folks at ThemeCo), the website was rebuilt from the ground up, while keeping some of the original design elements that had branded the agency for years.  A custom post type for the clients, as well as a bit of under-the-hood magic to connect the Cue playlist plugin with the MP3-jPlayer plugin helped make it really easy to update the clients.  Adding to the smoothness is a new quasi-dynamic homepage slider that is a lot easier to update as well.