Death to Smoochy

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(and Danny DeVito.) Saw Death to Smoochy, which I honestly cannot recommend. While it was amusing at times, the story was pretty bad, and the whole thing just felt way too forced. Oh well. I basically agree with Roger Ebert. Hopefully Robin Williams will be better in “drama” mode in Insomnia, and in One Hour Photo. Also finally caught up a bit on The Amazing Race. I swear, this show is just too much fun and excitment for primetime television!!

Death and

Dan Boston

Taxes. Well, I got the first go-round finished, and will have them done in a week or so. Yippee!

Shoes and Burgers

Dan Boston

Went to Hitchcock Shoes with my dad today, to get some new footwear to replace my old and worn shoes. Now I can walk down certain hallways without slipping! Yay! Went out to dinner with Sam and Justus and a few of their friends. We ate at Bartley’s Burger Cottage in Harvard Square. Holy crap – those burgers are AMAZING! (Over 30 different kinds of burgers – yowza!!) Good stuff, if you can make it to the Cambridge area.

Real Liver

Dan Boston

Tonight we had another Passover seder, this time at a home of my parent’s friends. They had 40 (yes, forty!) people over – it was truly insane, but a really fun time. It was made even more enjoyable by the sheer glut of tasty and delicious food – but nothing beat the chopped liver. Made with real liver. Mmm mmm! Now that is how it’s supposed to be!

Not as tasty as cardboard

Dan Boston

Well, it’s Passover! What does that mean? No bread, no flour, no pasta, etc. It’s not that big a deal in the end, but why does everything have to taste so bland?? That’s actually not entirely true… a lot of the food we had tonight (cooked by my talented relatives) was amazingly tasty. Except for the “vegetarain chopped liver”. Sorry mom, it’s just not gonna cut it. (Imagine eating refried beans with no taste….) Still, it was fun as always, …


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Well, seems that there’s a new Spider-Man trailer available. While the shots look cool and all, it’s just nowhere near as impressive and exciting as the first trailer they put out. Oh well – can’t win ’em all. Still, eagerly looking forward to the film!

Back in Beantown

Dan Boston

Ah – so I’m back in Boston after a rather short (4.5 hours!!) red-eye flight – which means that even though I was in comfy quarters, I didn’t get to sleep too much. I arrived 45 minutes early, so my folks were still sleeping. I surprised them by showing up at home at the same time I was supposed to be landing. Neato! It’s overcast and rainy here – a “nice” change from the sunny warm Los Angeles weather. Should …

Oscar Feedback

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Got a phone call this afternoon from some newspaper. (I know, I should have written down which one!) They wanted to ask me questions about Randy Newman, which is funny since I don’t know the guy at all. Of course, he won the Academy Award for Best Song, and they wanted to know my thoughts on the matter. Kinda weird. So we’ll see when the article gets printed up – I asked for them to send me a copy – …

Figured it out… kinda

Dan Boston

Okay, I think I’m figuring this thing out… I will need to play with the CSS stuff a little more to get it looking a bit cleaner and stuff, and might even work it into my general site design (with the rotating themes and such). We’ll see…

Starting my Blog

Dan Boston

Well, this is just me trying out this blog system. Will it work? Will I stick with it? We’ll find out!! Stay tuned!